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The Moray Badge Platinum Jubilee

The Moray Badge Platinum Jubilee is a year-long project to help primary and secondary age pupils who have been affected by the Covid lockdown.  It aims to encourage them to participate in and enjoy outdoor activities and to develop their own strengths rather than competing against others.  We hope the project will benefit pupils and schools by having a positive impact on mental health and well-being as well as on learning in the classroom.

From Andrew Simpson, the Lord Lieutenant of Banff

“Developing personal skills and facing challenges is important for life. The Moray Badge Platinum Jubilee is a fitting tribute to the vision and passion of the late Duke of Edinburgh.

However, it will also be a wonderful opportunity for young people to take part in a variety of activities allowing them to build their own skills and strengths.

I would strongly encourage pupils throughout the Moray area to get involved in this fantastic project with the confidence that they will find this both an immensely enjoyable and a worthwhile experience.”

From Seymour Monro, the Lord Lieutenant of Moray

“The Moray Badge Platinum Jubilee will challenge young people taking part in a variety of activities suitable for all levels and ages.

I am sure they will be welcomed after this past year’s many restrictions. The project will also further strengthen links with the Royal family.

I wish everyone enjoyment and success whilst they take part in their chosen endeavour.”



The Moray Badge was started by Kurt Hahn at Gordonstoun and Elgin Academy in 1936 and became the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in 1956.


All pupils in Moray Council schools will be encouraged to take on activities, sports, challenges, and expeditions to gain points. (MORE TO FOLLOW)

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